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Mediapulse Clients Awarded for Best ED Websites in Tennessee

Monday October 12, 2009

Three Mediapulse clients took home top ten awards out of over 400 web sites juried statewide, but economic development was the big winner - with compelling, easily navigable websites that attract, engage and persuade business to move to East Tennessee.

Of the Top Ten Economic Development Web Sites awarded by Tennessee Economic & Community Development (ECD), three were created and are powered by Mediapulse, East Tennessee Economic Development Association (  The Roane Alliance ( and  Economic Development Board of Blount County (

The inaugural LinkTenn Awards for excellence were presented by ECD Commissioner Matt Kisber at the recent Annual Governor's Conference on Economic and Community Development. Criteria for the web site award included search engine ranking, availability of downloadable documents and data, effective branding, ease of navigation, interactivity with users, valuable use of maps and overall experience.

"Economic and community development sites have become a strong suit of ours, Mediapulse President Scott Spaid explains. "These are all long term relationships we have nurtured and worked hard to make them competitive in recruiting business.  Credibility and connectivity are not just buzzwords for these agencies- they are the lifeblood of their efforts. We are pleased for our clients and thrilled that thirty per cent of the top sites in the whole state were created in our studio."

Alan Neel, President, East Tennessee Economic Development Agency, acknowledges that it is exciting and gratifying to win. "Our overarching goal is to drive our audience to our site and Mediapulse is our valued partner in our electronic initiatives. With iDeal Platform, we can better see who we're attracting and track the synergy of all our marketing efforts." 

Bryan Daniels, Vice President Economic Development Board of Blount County,  describes "a wonderful working relationship with the staff at Mediapulse. They are very astute to our needs in opening up new avenues to make our website more productive. With them, we've developed a product that is critical for our partners searching for information about Blount County.  We are at the cutting edge with Mediapulse, with a web presence that is definitely generating new prospect activity for us."

Leslie Henderson, President/CEO of The Roane Alliance, "We have known for some time that much of industrial recruitment nowadays is done through the web and that communities without an effective web site are not even in the ballgame.

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